15 Min / Day Teach Your Child to Read


In the next video: you are going to reveal how to teach any kid to read in 15 minutes/day. Its work for

  • Any child (even for children with reading disabilities)
  • At any age (even for 2 years-old kids!)

Why Is This Method So Easy?

This method wire the letters & sounds inside the child’s mind.

Instead of memorizing sight words, the child will develop deep phonetic awareness. 

So basically, he will understand the language instead of just memorizing it!

More about that in the upcoming video…

Act Today! Otherwise Your Will Pay 300$/Month For Private Teacher…

The Heavy Price of Remaining Behind With Reading

Stay behind with reading have an emotional & financial price:

  • Your child will struggle with other subjects as well – science, math, etc.
  • You will have to pay every month to private teachers – about 300$ / per month / for every subject 
  • Your child will hate to study – he will have low grades, and maybe even drop out of school!

Luckily, You Can Teach Him To Read Fast (From Home)

Sarah Shepard, an English teacher for 17 years, discover a simple shortcut to teach English in just 15 min/day. 

As a teacher, she had a lot of students to test it on.

In the beginning, she tried the new technique on the students with a “reading disability”.

And then, when they start to read better than the “normal kids”, she decided to switches completely her teaching style.

A few years later, she designs the Reading Headstart, a step-by-step method that:

  • Easy and enjoyable (Your child will ask to do it!)
  • Work very fast (15 minutes a day) 

Ready to reveal how to teach your child to read?

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