15 Min / Day Teach Your Child to Read

Do you want to teach your child to read so fast and effortlessly that you won’t even believe how it is even possible ?!

So you must find out about this new method!

Step 1 – Develop the child’s phonetic skills

First, the child will develop his/her phonemic awareness, so he/she will learn about the connection between sounds and letters (vowel, schwa, diphthong, digraphs, magic E, CVC, syllables…)

So instead of just memorizing sight words (like a parrot), the child will actually learn effectively and systematically how to read without a struggle.

So basically, he will become more fluent in the language by acquiring a system instead of just memorizing!

Step 2 – Sight words (Are taught only after they have established a solid base of phonemic awareness)

The child has developed their phonetic skill! Now it is time to learn the most frequent words in the language.

Step 3 – Exceptions (irregular word, silent words…)

Now it is the right time to introduce the exceptions of the English language.

For example irregular word, silent words

Want to learn more about it?

Sarah Shepard, an English teacher for 17 years, discover a simple shortcut to teach English in just 15 min/day. 

As a teacher, she had a lot of students to test it on.

In the beginning, she tried the new technique on the students with a “reading disability”.

And then, when they start to read better than the “normal kids”, she decided to switches completely her teaching style.

A few years later, she designs the Reading Headstart, a step-by-step method that:

  • Easy and enjoyable (Your child will ask to do it!)
  • Work very fast (15 minutes a day) 

Ready to reveal how to teach your child to read?

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