3 Tricks to Make Him Go Crazy Over You (#1 Is A “Nuclear Love Bomb”)

The next 3 tricks are a must for every woman in every situation:

  • Single women who are looking for a new love / want to get her ex back
  • In Relationship women who want her boyfriend to commit
  • Married women who feel bored and want to spice things up
  • and actually every grown-up woman

#3 Create a “Gentle” Eye Contact With Small Smile

This might be one of the oldest tricks in the book,

but you will be shocked to hear how many women forget to use it, or even worst, use it the wrong way!

Eye contact should be flirty and gentle, and not long and disturbing (Like some women do).

You shouldn’t not focusing intently on their eye but instead looking at them gently

#2 Wear High Heels When You See Him

This trick may sound small, but it is extremely effetive.


Because it’s changing your look, your body language, and even the sound that you make when you walking!

#1 Learn The love Language (More about That in The Upcoming Video)

There is some words that can make men go crazy over you…

Those words are firing up his emotional trigger, and no, he can’t resist that even if he wants to.

Some attractive women are using those words naturally widout even knowing that. We usually think that they just got it, but in fact, every woman can use it.

1 Massage in the morning can make him think about you the whole day

Want to learn more about it?

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You will have a video explaining why many women losing their man, and how you can use the power of words the makes him go crazy over you.

1 Text to make him go crazy over you ->