You Can Teach Him To Read (In Just 15 Min/Day)

I know that you have your plate full of work and daily tasks.

This is why Sarah Shepard, an English teacher for 14 years, develops a simple shortcut to teach reading in just 15 minutes/day, 3 days per week. 

As a teacher, she had a lot of students to test it on.

In the beginning, she tried the new technique on the students with a “reading disability”.

And then, when they start to read better than the “normal kids”, she decided to switches completely her teaching style.

A few years later, she designs the Reading Headstart, a step-by-step method that:

  • Easy and enjoyable (Your child will ask to do it!)
  • Work very fast (15 minutes a day) 

Ready to reveal how to teach your child to read?

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